Home of the Arts

This apartment consists of a double bed in the master bedroom, a vaulted ceiling over a large living room with a kitchen and a sofa bed (open play), a bathroom with a shower and a balcony overlooking the area. It also has a work desk, free Wi-Fi and a TV. It is possible to request an extra room with two single beds.


It is furnished with details that reflects Turin’s ties with the art world.


Turin is an amazing city of the arts, with its 15 royal residences, the extraordinary Baroque and Art Nouveau palaces and its more than 40 museums, including the Egyptian Museum, the GAM, the MAO, Museum of Rivoli, the Car Museum, Palazzo Madama and the OGR. Turin is recognized as one of European capitals of contemporary art, with its public and private collections, its events and its manifestations. It has a history of experimentation and research that leads from the Futurists to Felice Casorati, from the Food Art to the Arte Povera and to the major avant-garde contemporary art movements. Every year Turin hosts events of Artissima Paratissima, that have acquired international importance for giving space to contemporary and emerging artists.
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